Insgen Systems provides IT solutions based on trust and our technology.


Providing smart office solutions

to improve work efficiency and performance


Providing an efficient work environment

by building smart office infrastructure and creating a wireless environment


Strengthen workplace collaboration and optimize performance

with video conferencing and smart boards

Possessed technology and solution

  • Internet connection and networking technology
  • Building a stable network connection through IP Routing and Switching
  • Providing fast and stable wireless environment through wireless communication technology (wireless 5G / 6G)
  • Smart Work Solutions
  • Connect and manage a variety of smart and IoT devices, and work with sensors to monitor environmental conditions
  • Improve work efficiency with solutions that automate and optimize the workflow
  • Video conferencing and tele-conference 
  • Smart pad electronic white board and digital
  • collaboration tools

Possessed product and manufacturers

  • Huawei
  • Wire / wireless product
  • IdeaHub (smart pad electronic white board and digital collaboration tools)