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GenSSMS (Smart Server Management Systems)

As the number of systems to be managed increases with the passage of time, and various types of systems are introduced, the importance of effectively handling the status of each system and arising issues is being recognized. GEN SSMS of Insgen Systems provides Simple Server Management System solutions based on our expansive experiences of operating systems, so that an operator may simply and conveniently access and manage complex types of servers.

Main functions, features, and advantages

Systems to be monitored

  • Systems using Solaris, Linux or Unix
  • SSMS capable of monitoring systems using Windows will also be added

Major monitoring functions

  • Monitoring basic system conditions of CPU, memories, disks, networks
  • Monitoring user applications
  • Detecting traffic anomaly (supplementary function)

Method of monitoring

  • A non-agent method
  • An agent method 
    (installing an agent at the system)

Main features

  • A maximum of approximately 100 devices may be monitored simultaneously
  • Different types of alarms (SMS, mails etc.)
  • Effective installation and management when the non-agent method is used
  • QuickView using a smartphone (customizing)