BroadBand Solution

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CCAP integrates the functions of CMTS and Edge QAM and provides them in one equipment, thus reducing by half the space occupied by convention equipment. Since CCAP also contains the functions of Edge QAM and can perform narrowcasting, additional Edge QAM is not needed for SDV or VOD services. 

For the ease of implementation and simplicity of management, CCAP splits multiple QAM channels into broadcast and narrowcast services. QAM channel groups allocated to the narrowcast services are implemented independently for each RF port. QAM channels allocated to the broadcast service are shared by all RF ports in the downstream line card. The number of QAM channels allocated to each service is determined dynamically via the network installation based on the policy of organizing the network or the network requirement with the passage of time. Previously, network resources were allocated for each service, but with CCAP, one device can administer network resources of all the services. 

A user who wishes to be provided with digital image service shall request the service to a SRM (session resource manager). SRM verifies whether the requested service may be provided and requests ERM (edge resource manager) for allocation of network resources  If network resources are available, ERM allocates the network resources, and transmits the allocation information to SRM and CCAP. CCAP expands SPTS (single program transport stream) of the relevant image data into MPTS (multiple program transport stream) mixed with other information and transmits them to users.