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Gen Optical LAN Certification System (FTTx Network Management System)

Gen optical LAN certification is a system which supports certification processing through switches and port management of FTTx networks, service flows management etc., and provides certification management services through customizing based on the IT environment of a client.

Main functions, features, and advantages

New subscription_(A)

  • Information specific to the new subscriber is transmitted to the system electronically (product data of the new subscriber
    (internet speed, VOIP, set top etc.))
  • Transmitted information is stored at the database, and the information is used according to the control processing standards, based on the type of services

Certification processing (FTTX, switches)_(B)

  • The optical LAN service using the switch (ONU) method determines and manages the type of service based on the environmental setting of the subscriber’s accommodating port
  • Collecting the relevant information of the subscriber at OLT/ONT of FTTx network, deciding on and managing the type of services