Solutions for wireless&security&network separation

Insgen Systems provides IT solutions based on trust and our technology.


 To prevent and minimize losses from unauthorized disclosure of a client’s information asset, we conduct all the processes from initial diagnosis of the client’s environment and testing, to security consulting and support the construction of reliable information security systems for stable network operation through the implementation of optimal security environment. 

Firewall / VPN


  • Detecting security breaches
  • Blocking illegal internal or external access


  • Utilizing IPsec and SSL VPN
  • Encrypted communication with enhanced security among branch offices and companies


  • Blocking an attack based on traffic anomaly
  • Preventing inflow of harmful traffic


  • Integrated network security equipment
  • Application-based control

Advanced persistent threats(APT)

  • Detecting inflow of unknown malicious codes
  • Preemptive responses against unauthorized release of computing resources and analysis

Network Forensic

  • Recording network data throughout the company
  • Real-time data collection, classification and analysis


  • NAC
  • IP Management
  • DLP / DRM
  • Controlling access to the database
  • Integrated web log management