Insgen Systems provides IT solutions based on trust and our technology.

Insgen Systems provides diverse welfare policies for the happy life of our employees.

Rewards for employees who have worked continuously at the company for many years

Special annual leaves and allowances are given to employees who have been with us for many years. 

Happy days

Once a month on a “happy day”, employees may go home early at 4 PM.

Lunch allowances

We provide lunch allowances during working hours. 

Training expense subsidies

We subsize expenses of trainings provided outside of the company, so that employees may complete trainings related to their works. 

Communication allowances

Since employees need to make various phones related to their works, we grant communication allowances for certain types of works. 

Grants for book purchases

We grant book allowances for self-development of employees. 

Monetary gifts for weddings and other occasions and condolence money

We provide monetary gifts for personal events of employees and executives.

Gifts on holidays

We provide gifts so that our employees may enjoy holidays more fully.

Collective purchases of accident insurance

We purchase insurances so that our employees may receive insurance benefits when they are hospitalized for an accident or an illness which occurs during working or non-working hours.

Co-workers’ organizations

Co-workers’ organizations have been established for friendship and fellowship of employees and executives. We put aside fund to subsidize expenditure for congratulatory and condolent occasions of employees and executive.