Insgen Systems provides IT solutions based on trust and our technology.

The objective of Insgen Systems is to satisfy the needs of our clients and move forward as a social partner through people-oriented value creation on the philosophy of “people are what makes a company”.

“People are our hope, companies shall perform all the social responsibilities”, these are Insgen Systems’ beliefs.


  • Happiness of our constituents and focus on co-existence
  • Human values are the future of a company
  • Corporate culture promoting cooperation
  • Bringing up creative talents

Social unification 

  • Culture of uniting technology and people
  • A company contributing to generating social values
  • A beneficial co—existence with people, other companies, and the society
  • Communication, co-existence, ethical management and fair trade


  • Balanced, people-oriented perspectives
  • Differentiated systems
  • Providing services necessary to create customer values
  • Maximizing customer values based on the highest level of technology, growing with our partners
  • A trust-based company

Management philosophy

Insgen Systems will make the best efforts to become a “socially respected company” based on the respect for the nature, customer satisfaction, value creation, and continuous renovationby supplying valuable products and services desired by clients. 

Respect for humanity and nature

We will become a company which practices happy management which most emphasizes employee happiness, creates trust among executives and employees, and engages in, open management through facilitated communication, with mutual respect.

Customer satisfaction

We are making efforts to provide products and services to confer the best values on our customers, with the mind of putting our customers first, and will create ways for continuous prosperity together. 

Social responsibilities

We are engaging in management activities pursuing sustainability based on social responsibility of communal contribution, ethical management, and fair trade.

Value creation 

We are seeking to constantly generate new values and values to grow collectively with the society, in preparation for the future.

Continuous renovation 

To be leading in the core business field, we will drive changes via continuous innovation through the spirit of accepting challenges and the highest passion.